WordPress Website In A Day




WordPress Website In A Day
make your website as you learn WordPress




question markWhat Is This Course About?

This course is a combination of the WordPress In A Day course and getting help in creating your website. Each step of the creation process is explained to you.

When your website is finished you will learn WordPress which will allow you to manage and maintain your newly created website with confidence. As well as making it mor awesome.

outline 50pxCourse Details

Its content is dependent on what kind of website you want to have as well as what you want it to do. For example you may want an ecommerce site or just a brochure type of site.

Because you know what kind of site you want you will be involved in the entire creation process. Each step will be explained to you in detail so you know exactly what is happening.

At the same time you will also learn about WordPress' different features and capabilities so that when your website is finished you will have the knowledge and confidence to keep your website humming along.

attendeesWho Can Take This Course?

If you are thinking of having a website for personal or business use and at the same time want to manage and maintain it then this course if for you.

You could also be working for an organisation that wants to change its website and you were assigned to manage and maintain it.

schedule-50Course Schedule

This course does not have a fixed schedule. It is an on-demand course. If you need more information or you want to discuss your website requirements get in touch with me using the contact details above or you can fill in the contact form .

Cost: Starts from $650.00Duration: 1 day (6 hours)