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question markWhat Is This Course?

This course is designed for organisations that are either thinking of having a WordPress website and want its staff trained in its use. It is also for organisations that have an existing website in WordPress and need additional training in its development and maintenance.

outline 50pxCourse Details

The topics covered in the course will greatly depend on the needs and requirements determined and requested by the organisation. It can be like the WordPress In A Day course or it can cover more advanced WordPress topics such as creating an ecommerce site or using Dropbox or Google drive.

attendWho Can Attend?

The staff member(s) of the organisation who are directly or indirectly involved in the management and maintenance of the website can attend this course. As well as any other staff member the organisation may nominate.

schedule-50When Is It Held?

This is an on-demand course and it is conducted at a date and time agreed upon with the organisation requesting the training.

If you need more information or wish to discuss your training requirements call me or send me an email using the details above or fill in the contact form.