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Some of you do not need to learn WordPress just to have a website. You just need a website created. Developing bespoke WordPress websites is one of the services I offer.

Each one of you have your own reasons for having a website as well as how it should be (even though it may be fuzzy at times). I can help you turn that idea into a real functioning website.

I can also tell you about domain name registration and web hosting in case you need these.

workingHow Does It Work?

When I receive a request for a website from you I schedule a face-to-face meeting (this can also be done via online) to discuss your requirements and expectations. I do this to find out exactly what type of website you are considering, what features it should have, and other related matters. I also inform you of what you need to do and provide.

This meeting will allow me to provide you with a realistic estimate in terms of amount of work that needs doing, timeframe, deliverables, and cost.

dollar signPricing

If you need more information about this service or you are interested in having a website please get in touch with me by any of the contact details above or you can also fill in the contact form.

faqFrequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to pay for the initial meeting?
A: No. You do not need to pay for the initial meeting unless it exceeds an hour. If it does you will be charged $90.00 / hour or a part thereof.

Q: Do I need a domain name?
A: Yes. You need a domain name if you want to have an online presence via your website.

Q: Will you host my website?
A: No. I will not host your website but I can recommend some web hosting companies. I can look after the maintenance of your website if needed.

Q: Will I be able to add new features after work on my website has started?
A: Strictly speaking no, since the timeframes and costs have already been determined. If it is really necessary, timeframes and costs will be revised accordingly.