Course Outline

Course Outline

How to set up WordPress

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Setting up a WordPress website in 15 mins

How to publish posts, pages, images and video

  • Managing WordPress content
  • An explanation of content management in WordPress
  • How to create professional looking pages and posts
  • How to add and remove links
  • Inserting and embedding media – images, video, audio
  • How to create and arrange menus

Comment moderation

  • Monitoring and moderating comments
  • How to stop spam

How to make your site look great with WordPress themes

  • Themes and how can you use them to change the look of your website
  • How to install themes
  • Recommended themes
  • Free and commercial themes

How to add functionality to your site with WordPress plugins

  • Overview of plugins
  • Installing plugins
  • 5 top WordPress plugins and what they do
  • Using plugins and widgets to improve your website’s functionality

Search Engine optimisation

  • Optimising your website for Google search
  • Use ‘pretty url’s’ that will improve ‘click through’ rates
  • Why it is important to tag and categorise your posts and how to do it
  • How to add meta descriptions in your content to improve ranking
  • Linking best practices


  • How to make sure your WordPress website is secure
  • How to back up your WordPress website

How to take advantage of the social web

  • How to share your contents on other social networks
  • Auto-posting to Twitter
  • Adding ‘Share’ buttons
  • Adding a newsletter
  • Integrating your content with Twitter and Facebook
  • Adding an online community to your website

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Create a WordPress website
  • Manage, update and improve a WordPress website
  • Use WordPress to manage your website content
  • Integrate social media content into your WordPress website
  • Promote your website
  • Manage comments
  • Understand WordPress themes, plugins and widgets