How I May Help Youphillip-flores

Hi, my name is Phillip Flores and I am here to help you learn and understand what WordPress is. You can be either in a group with others or if you prefer alone in a one-on-one setting. You might also be a  someone who owns a business and need a website that will allow you to get the word out there about your organisation, have better interaction with your clients, and sell more of your product or services.

You can even teach yourself WordPress but you may not have time to go through various blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, and websites to find help.  In this situation I may be able to help you understand the different WordPress concepts as well as find out how to create your own website.

A Bit About Me

I have been working in the IT area for quite sometime as a software developer. I’ve worked at  the NSW Police Force, Australian Securities and Investments Commission, and smaller software development houses. I also do custom Windows software development using Delphi. I also love getting my hands dirty with web application development using PHP.

My introduction to WordPress came via Blogger site where I had set up a little blog to chronicle the daily mundane events of my family. I then transferred that blog to WordPress and found it to be more flexible and feature rich than Blogger. Afterwards I started to learn more about it and then offered to set up other people’s websites and now I am even teaching it. I used to teach a WordPress course at the Macquarie Community College from 2012-2015.

Getting In Contact

Please feel free to get in touch with me either by phone on 0431-176-491 or email to pflores@pcfpress.com.au or via Skype (skype name is pcfpress) or by filling in the contact form.